• Is Santa Coming This Year?

    by  • December 12, 2013 10:52 am • Breaking News, Broad Market Analysis













    We all know how strong December is historically.  It is the only month that has been up the past five years and is the second strongest (only to April) the past 10 years.  Going out further it is usually strong as well.

    My pal Steven Russolillo at WSJ noted some great stats on December as well this morning, take a look here.

    Now check out this chart above.  Going back to 1950 for the DJIA, the majority of the gains happen the second half of the month.  In fact, as of about the 15th, December is actually lower on average.  I’m guessing most don’t realize this (I sure didn’t).

    So far this year December is down over a percent.  Well, turns out this might not be that abnormal and we could be getting very close to a potential tradeable low and bounce into the New Year.